Geek Meet Picnic April 9, 2000

(with pictures from Arden Fair Mall also)
Meet  the geeks from On Computers

A planned meeting  of 4 On Computer Regulars  was held in Sacramento on Saturday, April 8, 2000 at Arden Fair Mall.  Then on Sunday April 9, 2000 an impromptu Gathering of 7 On Computers Regulars and their families was held at McKinley Park in Sacramento.
We all brought something to eat and had a great picnic. Thanks to all who could make it, the food was fantastic.
This was a weekend to remember.
Ok guys, you inspired me to write a poem. (or something)
Here it is.
Another new poem. OK, no one said I was another Longfellow. I'm writing these because there fun to write. Hope you have as much fun reading them as I had writing them.

Gari (Javabeans) and his sons, Kyle (Javaman) and Garin (Garbear)
Joe (Mid9tson) and his lovely wife Sue (ShySoo)
Don (rafkin)
Phil and his lovely wife Tammy and their son Brian
Jeff Recht, President of FoxyLoxy Foxware
A special Guest. Do you know who this is?

Here are some other pictures
Getting ready to eat
Jeff and Don stuffing their faces
The boys and Brandy getting plates filled
The youngest boys had fun too.

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